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A Few Words About ACTS

ADVANCED CAREER TRAINING SERVICES is a newly formed non-degree training services for individuals wishes for continuing education and acquire new sets of skills in the Philippines. This premier academic institution has driven new ways of training through innovation and modern teaching methodologies. ACTS is an intellectual destination that draws inspired scholars and international campuses, keeping ACTS at the nexus of ideas that challenge and change the world.

A Few Words About PTCi

PILIPINAS TRAINING CENTER INTERNATIONAL, is a subsidiary of ACTS a degree and non-degree skills and developmental training center based in United Arab Emirates. It started to cater Filipino Community to enhance their skills and learn additional technical courses as additional credentials for the upliftment of their career. As moving on, PTCi evolves and accepts students of all nationalities in all walk of life and able to partner with different educational institution to widen the scope of education and trainings.

Top Categories

Popular Courses

Choose from a wide range of educational and training courses. All courses are tailored fit to the needs of of our leaners for better understanding.

Secretarial Course

Learn the basic knowledge and skills of efficient secretarial work.

Computer Essential

Learn the basic functionality and computer operation. 

Excel (Basic & Advance)

Learn basic to advance Microsoft Office Appliaction.  

Caregiver Course

Learn caregiver full course internationally for homecare and health facility settings. 

Nursing Assistant

Learn the basic functionality and computer operation. 


(Basic & Advance)

Be a Graphic Designer. Learn basic to advance designing.   

European Courses

We expand our training courses in Barcelona, Spain in collaboration with International School of Applied Social Sciences (ISASS). All courses are tailored fit to the needs of of our leaners for better understanding.


Through the years we grow and bloom, we adjust to ever changing needs of the populace. Learning is a continuing life that we nourish everyday.


Educational modules are based on International Standard. Streamdown and Tailored fit for easy understanding and easily absorb by our learners.


All certificates are internationally recognized as additional credentials for each learners.

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Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

Innovation and modern methodology in training is what our strength. We cope up in the fast moving trends in technology to provide the best education to our students. 

Best Industry Leaders

Coaches and Trainers are well experienceD professional individuals whom have their own expertise in their own field.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Our educational platform are tailored and equipt to the needs of our students. For most of our students are working individuals.

Professional Certification

Certification issued from us are Internationally Recognized Certificates.


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“I am an alumna of this school and I learned a lot. The coaches delivers their subjects professionally and easily to understand. Management are superb in assisting us in our needs as students.
Ailene Tugna
“Ut morbi felis, felis massa quam sit massa, amet, bibendum pulvinar elit in adipiscing amet imperdiet ac felis congue enim, elementum orci.”
Eddie Johnson
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Jonathan Doe
“Pulvinar dui vitae enim, diam et nulla elit nam leo lacinia et, a, pulvinar gravida enim in blandit mauris vitae volutpat urna, sed justo hendrerit.”
Mike Edward

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